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7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe

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It’s always a good time to review some of the simplest things you can do to keep your kids safe. Even though you probably already know the basics, being a parent, there are some more in-depth but still vital things you can do to keep your kids safe.

  1. Pull on your child’s car seat where the seat belt goes.

            It should not move more than one inch from the base. If it does, make sure you tighten it more.

  1. Secure TV & Furniture

            Keep large, bulky TVs low and stable, or recycle them and get a flat screen! If you already have a flat screen, mount it to the wall for extra stability.

  1. Check CO and smoke alarms monthly.

            Replace your systems every 10 years, and replace your batteries every year. To involve your kids, have a fun time making your own fire escape plan. It will prepare both you and your children.

  1. Make sure your kids don’t have any access to medicine in the house.

            Not only will kids get into medicine cabinets, but purses, counters with vitamins, and pill boxes will make kids curious. Research online for tips on safe medicine storage.

  1. Learn about the risks and effects of children swallowing lithium batteries.

            Make sure your kids can not get to any button batteries, like ones in remote controls, key fobs and cards that play music.

  1. Make sure your children’s sport coaches have had athletic safety or concussion training.

            Also go online and make sure you are educated about keeping your child safe when playing sports.

  1. Don’t get distracted.

            Distractions like phones can lead to many accidents, outside of the car too. Another common place that accidents happen due to distraction is bathtime. Basically, just focus on each other. It will help all of you in the end.

Keeping your kids safe is a parent’s main priority, and there are many little things you can do to ensure their safety. Look online for more information about what you can do to keep your little ones safe.

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