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Boster, Kobayashi & Associates has been providing accident reconstruction and expert witness testimony services since 1967. Our firm has reconstructed over 30,000 accident cases and testified in over 1300 trials specializing in the following Services:

Accident Reconstruction


Human Factors

Product Liability


Slip, Trip and Fall

Traffic Engineering & Highway Design

Specialized Equipment & Services

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Our firm is comprised of consulting engineers and scientists with a broad range and depth of knowledge and years of practical field experience. The majority of our Experts are Registered Professional Engineers, many of whom hold advanced degrees.

Kobayashi, Ted M.

Braun, Michael J. | Braun, Thomas A.

Christian Engelmann | Julie Gonzalez

 Haygood, Richard K.Herman, Paul T.

Mason, James | Russo, Darius

Sams, Nevin Q. | Senor, Dario

 Stolworthy, Dean Keith

Walsh, Bong J.Wong, Brad M.

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  • You really must be quick on your feet. There must be complete integrity and character. You must be a little bit tough; you cannot be led around and bullied. There is this aspect of being somewhat self-confident, but you must keep an open mind because things may change, so you need to be ready to alter your opinions if there is new data that becomes available.–Thomas Boster

  • At Boster Kobayashi your case receives the benefit of true experts in the field of accident reconstruction. Our firm has been reconstructing accidents since 1967. The majority of our experts are Registered Professional Engineers, many of whom hold advanced degrees.–Michael Kreutzelman

  • Safety is not an intellectual exercise to keep us in work. It is a matter of life and death. It is the sum of our contributions to safety management that determines whether the people we work with live or die.–Sir Brian Appleton

Accident Reconstruction Specialists

Boster, Kobayahsi & Associates is an established accident reconstruction firm with over 45 years of experience reconstructing various accidents and events. Our fundamental procedures establish the principal manner in which we conduct each investigation and we provide numerous tools and scientific data for many issues.

Our accident reconstructionists typically visit the investigative site in order to determine measurements and view the location where the event occurred. In order to obtain first hand knowledge we focus on several areas such as vehicle inspections, roadway evidence, visibility studies and roadway design issues.

Motor vehicle experts and accident reconstructionists recreate scenes as quickly and accurately as possible. With Boster Kobayashi’s forensic consulting services we record data imperative to the crash scene and deliver it to your location. We analyze and scan data, then analyze it from different vantage points to create the accident animation required to simulate the event that occurred.

Our firm develops demonstrative evidence for expert testimony that is generally used by insurance companies, law enforcement and attorneys. We have diverse experience which allows us the opportunity to discover unique parties and factors which others may not. We identify the cause of the crash and pinpoint the source, whether a vehicle manufacturer or automobile repair company.

Forensic Consulting Services

Boster, Kobayashi & Associates provide forensic consulting services with a commitment to quality, unbiased reporting and the newest technology.

Our firm reviews cases and provides forensic consulting analysis and consultations in a timely and responsive manner. Additionally, our highly trained engineers provide expert opinions on a variety of situations.

Forensic science incorporates attorneys, scientists and law enforcement and is an important tool in determining past events. Boster, Kobayashi & Associates offers forensic consulting and services to the private sector and law enforcement alike. We are forensic professionals with the knowledge and experience to testify in court in both an accomplished and qualified manner. We provide the explanations you require during your trial and identify any potential problem areas beforehand. If you need to know the facts, if you require analysis and assessment, we are the firm for you. Our team of forensic specialists deliver risk assessment and respond to crisis, insurance claims, litigation and regulatory investigations. We are your expert witness and trusted adviser.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we perform the best job possible. Each case is unique and requires individual attention and review in order to provide the precise results our clients need. We are highly motivated to perform at a superior level, and we understand that your business can’t wait. We provide forensic consulting services with our client’s overall satisfaction as the end determinant of a job well done.