If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what an animation with over 30 seconds of connected pictures is worth. Please see below for an example of our legal animation and simulation videos.

Legal Animations

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3D animation is a field of traffic accident reconstruction where our experts recreate collisions by means of computer simulation. These computer simulated accidents have become increasingly popular in recent years because they clearly explain the opinion that is being expressed.

The essential purpose of using a 3D animation for traffic accident reconstruction is to depict or render an opinion which could be
difficult to visualize. Often, when vehicles crash, they approach, collide, and move off to final rest in complex fashion.  Vehicles will
often travel off-road, roll, or collide with multiple objects before coming to rest.  Due to the scope of the collision, accident
reconstruction experts sometimes have a demanding task of explaining the mechanics of these crashes to persons outside their
field of expertise.

The general purpose of our expert 3D animations is to explain the timing of critical events, show the perspective of drivers or
witnesses, or to show the relative positions and speeds of vehicles, pedestrians or objects as they collided.

The 3D simulations can explain a momentum analysis, rollover sequence, or even multiple impacts.  The 3D animated accidents
incorporate precise scene measurements collected via total station or photogrametry, and can be enhanced by use of real-world aerial photographs or even digital photography.