Accidents can happen anywhere and aren’t limited to particularly dangerous locations or activities such as construction, scaffolding, loading docks, or roofing. Sidewalks, workplaces, homes, school playgrounds, and warehouse and other stores, are frequently accident sites. Lack of attention to proper housekeeping, material handling, or merchandising standards may be factors, but lack of proper training, warnings, or errors in labeling could be the key contributors to compromised safety. Product defects, building code or OSHA, Cal-OSHA violations may also lead to serious and life-threatening safety impacts.

Boster, Kobayashi’s consulting experts evaluate and investigate all possible contributors to determine accident injury causation and assign product and premises liability. Product evaluation and testing and material failure analysis are tools commonly employed by our engineering scientists during accident reconstruction.

All associates have access to our extensive library consisting of over 2000 volumes with product safety literature complete and dating back to 1973. Resources include articles on leisure safety (boating, camping, golf) to code compliance (building, fire, mechanical, plumbing, electrical), and on subjects from accelerometers to x-rays.

We have detailed a few of the most common types of expert witnesses testimony regarding accident injury causation and safety:

Construction Expert Witness

A construction expert witness is crucial when analyzing construction site hazards, heavy machinery failure, slip and trip accidents, construction fraud, design errors and omissions, building codes, commercial construction, construction safety and building construction. Other areas of focus are structural engineering, highways, bridges, buildings, construction work zone accidents, construction safety (OSHA).

Electrical Expert Witness

An electrical expert witness understands the areas of shocks, arcs, electrical injury, electrocution, electrical fires and explosions, injuries involving machinery and equipment, high voltage, electrical power systems, failure analysis and design as well as property damage and loss associated with electrical accidents.

Swimming Pool Expert Witness

A swimming pool expert witness focuses on drowning and pool-related injuries. These can involve an array of factors including water safety, swimming pool construction, maintenance of swimming pools and equipment as well as chemical management.

Asbestos Expert Witness

An asbestos expert witness advises on matters related to use, or removal and disposal, and encapsulation. Other concerns involve exposure and the possible resulting occurrences of asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. Testing of asbestos fibers, insulation, and friable asbestos material is also a focus.

If you require testimony from a construction expert witness, electrical expert witness, swimming pool expert witness or asbestos expert witness allow Boster, Kobayahsi & Associaites to be your firm of choice. We have been in business since 1967 so all of our experts have years of training and, coupled with our top of the line technology, we are the firm to beat.

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