Expert Witness Fees

expert-witness-fees3-boster_kobayashiFor your convenience, we have put together some general information regarding expert witnesses as well the fees charged by Boster, Kobayashi & Associates. Please contact Michael Kreutzelman to discuss your case. He can be reached by phone at 925.447.6495 or through our email contact form by clicking here. Our complete listing of fees are below.

An expert witness must satisfy certain requirements before they are able to testify in a United States federal court.  The expert must have technical, scientific and/or other specialized knowledge that can help the jury understand specific parts of the testimony. They can even testify using their opinion if it is a product of reliable principles and they have been applied to the facts of the case and that their opinion is based upon sufficient facts and/or data.

The responsibilities of an expert witness could be any of the below or a combination:

~ Consultant to lawyer
~ Issue a pre-trial affidavit
~ Testify at trial

Generally, expert witness fees are paid according to time involved not their testimony. This “time” covers many tasks an expert witness is required to accomplish during the course of an investigation. Some of these are: phone calls, meetings, visiting the accident site, speaking with lawyers, reviewing evidence, evaluating the information provided, and sometimes travel time. Usually the actual time on the witness stand is only a small percentage of the expert witnesses’ total fee.

Please feel free to contact Boster, Kobayashi & Associates by phone or by email. We can be reached by phone at 925.447.6495 or through our email contact form by clicking here.

The consulting fees for Boster, Kobayashi & Associates experts are determined based upon the services provided. Our services include case preparation time and testimony in deposition, trial or arbitration. Consulting fees range from $100 – $500 per hour and are determined based upon the services provided as well as each associate’s education and experience. »Download the entire Fee Schedule in .pdf format here.

Please note that all rates are quoted per hour, or a fraction thereof, and include any necessary travel time. See below for information on Additional Expert Witness Fees & Billing.

Associate Preparation Testimony
Kobayashi, Ted M. $375.00 $475.00
Sams, Nevin Q. $375.00 $475.00
Stolworthy, Dean K. $400.00 $500.00
Mason, James J. $375.00 $475.00
Braun, Michael J. $350.00 $425.00
Braun, Thomas A. $350.00 $425.00
Senor, Dario A. $350.00 $425.00
Engelmann, Christian $350.00 $425.00
Wong, Brad M. $350.00 $425.00
Haygood, Richard K. $325.00 $400.00
Herman, Paul T. $325.00 $400.00
Walsh, Bong J. $325.00 $400.00
Gonzalez, Julie $325.00 $400.00
Russo, Darius $175.00 $250.00
Clerical / Admin. Support $40.00 N/A


Additional Fees & Billing

Travel Expense: Actual cost for travel, lodging, and business expenses. Personal auto charged at sixty-five and a half cents per mile plus parking and tolls.

Deposition Fee: Prepayment will be required for the estimated deposition time. The retaining attorney shall be responsible for notifying the requesting attorney of these policies.

Retainer: A $4,000.00 retainer is required when the file is opened. Of this, $4,000.00, there is a non­refundable clerical fee of $500.00. Invoices are submitted every month and must be kept current. A bookkeeping charge will be applied when invoices are over 30 days late. Final bill requests by email only to [email protected].

Equipment Fees: Specialized equipment use will be subject to additional charges. Click here for details.

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