Forensic Consulting Solutions


Boster, Kobayashi & Associates forensic consulting solutions in the fields of Traffic Engineering and Highway Design are unsurpassed. Our team of Registered Civil and Traffic Engineers have decades of experience, beginning in 1967. They have a thorough knowledge of highway and roadway construction, design, operations and maintenance standards. Our experts are versed in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), transportation standards and regulations, as well as use of guardrails and barriers, signage, signal timing and phasing, and all other traffic related aspects.

Each engineering expert witness applies their knowledge and science to accident analysis and forensic consulting solutions ranging from construction zone fatalities, bridge hazards, railroad crossing collisions, bicycle, pedestrian and automobile crashes, and crosswalk incidents. They also focus on bridges, air disc brakes, traffic engineering, braking simulations, tunnels, transportation planning, and bridges.

Safety is of paramount importance in traffic engineering. There are many factors that can affect a vehicle’s ability to stop safely, which is a main reason for accidents. The driver’s reaction time, the speed of vehicle, the grade of the road and the friction of the road are all aspects that the expert witness must look at.  The greatest consideration of traffic engineers is safety, but traffic engineers also consider the importance of traffic facilities that function economically, efficiently, and rapidly for effective and safe movement of people and goods.

Engineering Expert Witness

An expert engineering witness is most highly requested by lawyers and police requesting a reconstruction of an auto accident. Road vehicle accidents are complex to analyze and involve at least three separate influences: the human element, the vehicle element, and the highway element.  To determine the most likely cause of an accident is the engineering expert witness’s main responsibility. 90% of automobile accidents are caused by operator or operational factors. Varied information is gathered to analyze the elements of  an accident such as; road conditions, statements, photos, physics of the situation and skid marks.

Our experts may use crash testing, exemplar vehicles, computer graphics/animation reconstruction, along with Newtonian principles and related science to determine what really happened.

Boster, Kobayashi and Associates has extensive experience of providing engineering expert witness testimony in the courtroom regarding traffic engineering and highway design cases. Our expert witnesses are well known for their forensic consulting solutions regarding motorcycles, visibility studies, transportation regulation compliance economics, construction vehicles, airbags, highway/street design and more.  Our forensic consulting solutions are provided by experts who have an outstanding record of educating and intriguing juries. They are able to inform the juries on the important aspects of the evidence so the jury can make an educated decision on the case.

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