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Boster, Kobayashi & Associates provide expert testimony in the areas of product liability, forecasting of future failures (beyond warranty or under warranty), product quality and reliability, manufacturing and product design.  We also specialize, using statistical methods and risk assessment, in predicting the performance of consumer products in the marketplace. Our long industry experience, (starting in 1967) allows us to counsel our clients regarding the costs, causes of product failures and risks of safety issues.

Although we are distinguished technical experts, Boster, Kobayashi and Associates are also well known for our exceptional ability to share detailed information with the jury in such a way that they can relate and understand its importance to the case as well as appreciate the time spent on presenting it.

The focus of product liability covers many areas and often includes providing reports, testifying and additional services on such topics as:

~ consumer products warnings | consumer products safety
~ product defects | product testing | product design | product failure
~ product recalls | toy recalls
~ consumer protection claims | product liability limits
~ manufacturing defects | design defects
~ implied warranties | express warranties | warranty claims

Expert witnesses have proven to reap many benefits for product liability trial lawyers. Boster Kobayashi & Associates can help guide and carry out your investigation, reconstruction, testing and research efforts, and may be able to point you to sources of information or research from other experts that you may not have found on your own.

Our expert witnesses can help you define your theory of liability and suggest ways that it can be attacked, and propose alternative theories of liability that you might had not considered. Having this information before filing suit is invaluable as it is better to have your own expert than the opposing party strike a blow to your case with information that was missed. In short, it is never too early to consider bringing in an expert in a product liability case. The next question is, how do you decide who to hire?

One of the advantages of hiring an associate from Boster, Kobayashi & Associates is that they are familiar with the trial process, the rules of procedure and requirements of proof, and the role that they are expected to play in the process. With over 45 years of expert witness experience, covering over 30,000 accident reconstructions, and testimony in over 1300 court trials, our expert witnesses will make sure they  understand not only your factual issues of proof, but also the evidentiary and procedural rules that will get the evidence in front of a jury.

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