boster-kobayashi-human-factorsHuman Factors is the understanding of human interface (capabilities, limitations, and performance) with manufactured objects, equipment, designed systems and environments of daily living and interaction. Human Factors experts utilize principles of engineering, safety, physics, industrial design, psychology, and additional specialized components.

Accident incidents involving Human Factors experts are heavily concerned with sight and hearing. In a slip and fall, how is the lighting in the stairwell? In a night driving collision, what is the conspicuity of objects on the road and how is the visibility? There may also be physical factors (fatigue, auditory issues) and psychological factors (perception reaction times, behavioral expectations, information processing/cognitive skills) to consider in an accident.

For over 45 years, our Human Factors experts have evaluated and determined causation for design and use injuries stemming from improper ladder use, merchandise stacking issues, furniture and chair hazards, machinery-related dangers, product design failures, and the gamut from air traffic control failures to household glass fractures.

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