Safety Expert Witness

safety-expert-witnessAccidents happen everywhere, not only in dangerous environments or during risky activities like construction, roofing, loading docks or scaffolding. Accidents often happen in workplaces, homes, warehouses, other stores and on sidewalks and school playgrounds. Although lack of attention to proper material handling, housekeeping, and merchandising standards may be be factors, often times lack of proper training, warnings or errors in labeling are major contributors to compromised safety. If it comes to a trial regarding these facts, having someone who can testify as a Safety Expert Witness is an excellent asset. Boster Kobayashi & Associates can help you with that.

An Expert Witness is someone who is a specialist in their particular field and is able to present their expert opinion during trial without having been witness to the event relating to the criminal case or lawsuit. The rule against giving an opinion in trial is exempt for Expert Witnesses, so long as the expert is sufficiently qualified. If the expertise is challenged, the lawyer for the party calling the “expert” must show that the witness is qualified through questions in court, and the trial judge can declare that the witness is not an expert or is only an expert in specific subjects.

Boster Kobayashi & Associates is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for a Safety Expert Witness. With our experience in the industry starting in 1967, we are able to inform our clients of the causes and effects of product failures and the risks involved when there are safety issues.

Our Top Safety Expert Witnesses

Two of our top experts in safety are Thomas A. Boster and Gary M. Hesler. Since Tom founded Boster Kobayashi & Associates, he has been assigned to over 8000 cases, testified in over 290 trials and been deposed over 720 times. He holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Ohio University. Gary joined the firm in 1988, and since then has been assigned over 2000 cases, testified over 250 times and has been deposed over 1000. Gary has his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

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