slip trip fall, accident reconstruction, expert witness testimonySame level falls are usually classified as slips or trips. Slips occur when there is too little available friction or traction between a walking surface and the bottom of a shoe. Trip accidents are caused by the sudden halt of the motion of the support base which usually results in the body pitching forward. Common causes are obstructed views, poor lighting, clutter, wrinkled carpets or mats and unexpected changes in level. Another type of fall is the misstep. A misstep occurs when a person steps onto what they perceive to be a same level surface, only to discover it is an irregular or sloped surface. The usual causes are similar to those for trip accidents.

Our engineering staff is experienced at scene documentation and data collection, with over 45 years experience with slip, trip and fall cases. We utilize special equipment to accurately document the condition of walking surfaces which may have contributed to a fall accident and compare them to safety standards and building code requirements. We also use specialized equipment to measure the coefficient of friction and illumination levels of walking surfaces.

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