boster-kobayashi-biomechanicsExpert witnesses in the field of Biomechanics analyze the effects of internal and external forces acting on a body to determine the causal effects of injuries. The science of Biomechanics requires knowledge of physiological and mechanical properties (for example, knowing the tearing or breaking strengths of materials such as cartilage, tendons, and soft tissue), and an understanding of mechanical analysis, as well as movement (force and direction).

Experts will calculate impact forces on the body from diverse causes such as gravity, seat belt restraints, automobile bumpers, collisions, etc. They evaluate and address the relationship between the physical forces exerted on a body in an accident and the cause and severity of injuries. Incorporated with the science of Biomechanics is the knowledge and use of physics, biomedical/biomechanical engineering, and principles of and accident reconstruction to determine the injury mechanism.

Boster, Kobayshi’s Biomechanics experts’ knowledge is applicable to: slip, trip & fall accidents; automobile accidents; low impact rear end injuries; cumulative trauma disorder; defective implants, and more.

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