Forensic Consulting with Boster Kobayashi & Associates

forensic-consultingBoster Kobayashi & Associates have a dedication to excellence, factual reporting and the latest technology, and we apply this to our forensic consulting services. We want to find out what happened, why, and who – if anyone – is at fault. To do this, we employ a team of experts with extensive experience and a wide range of educational backgrounds.

Forensic science needs attorneys, crime prevention, and scientists to determine what happened during past events. BKA offers these services to both law enforcement, private parties and businesses. We are professionals in forensic consulting with the experience and knowledge to give evidence as a witness in a law court. We give you the reports you require in trial proceedings and ascertain problem areas beforehand. If you need assessment and analysis and to understand with certainty, call Boster, Kobayahsi & Associates.

Call BKA for Forensic Consulting

When investigating major incidents and accidents, a team of multiple professionals is usually required to find out exactly what happened. At Boster Kobayashi & Associates, we have the expertise and staff size to provide anyone with a team that meets their needs in almost any type of loss event. Because evidence disappears with time, we respond quickly. Our firm will review your case and analyse in a timely matter. We also have highly trained engineers that will provide expert opinions on many different situations if necessary.

To ensure that we perform in unparalleled fashion, we work very closely with our clients. Every case is special and we treat them all with individual attention attention so that we can provide the precise results that our clients need. We understand that your business cannot wait, and we are very eager to perform at a superior caliber. Our client’s satisfaction at the end of the day is how we determine that we’ve done a good job.

With our years of experience from all of our staff members and broad range of expertise, we can address almost any case that our clients bring to us. Please contact Michael Kreutzelman and he will be able to lead you to the BKA Associate that will meet all of your needs. 925.447.6495