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Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention

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Falls, trips and slips are adding up in order to form around 15% of the entire number of accidental deaths that you can find out there. According to CMU, they actually account for 30% of all accidents and the numbers continue to grow exponentially all the time.

Slips usually take place when there’s no friction or traction between the walking surface and your feet. Slips are created either by spills, weather hazards but at the same time this can also be created by a poor tread on footwear.

What preventive measures should you use?

• If you encounter wet surfaces, just shorten the stride and then walk with your feet pointed out. Try to always make some wider turns as it will help
• Spills need to be dealt with immediately if you want to get the best results.
• If you have to deal with any weather hazards, remember to walk slowly as this will make it a lot easier to react to any traction changes. Slip resistant boots can also come in handy and if possible, you can also wear sunglasses as this will increase your overall vision.
• If you have a poor traction overall, then a good idea is to purchase some slip resistant footwear, as this will offer amazing opportunities. You should also try to apply abrasive strips as this allows you to smooth the walking surface.

Trips can appear if you strike an object with your foot, and most off the time this can lead to a lot of damage. What can solve this issue?

• Never carry packages that can obstruct your view
• If your glasses become foggy if you change temperature fast, then change them
• Use the dedicated walkways
• Always close the drawers and desks within your home or office
• Report missing lights or those which are burned out
• Focus on the elevator threshold positions
• Report any piece of handrail or pavement that is broken

When it comes to falls, these tend to take place on multiple levels. Falling down the stairs is surely one of the most common issues that you can encounter in such a situation, but chairs and ladders can also be a cause too, depending on the situation as well. How to avoid issues:

• Always use a ladder instead of a chair if you want to reach a high object
• Find ladders that offer you the proper size, depending on what you need to do with them in the first place
• Always use a handrail
• Never jump from one stair to the other
• Walk
• Use handrails often
• Report all the unsafe conditions

At the end of the day, what matters the most here is to make sure that you know what you are doing. This is a crucial thing for sure, because if you take extra care of you and your body, you will make it a lot easier to beat any injuries that appear, and the outcome will be a lot better in the end!

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