Expert Witness Definition

Many people see crime television shows and watch as expert witnesses are on the stand, testifying to advocate for one side, but many people are not aware of the true role of these people. In this article we will answer the question, “What is an expert witness?”

The definition can be summed up as; someone who has specialized knowledge, education, experience, training and/or skills in a certain area that goes past the knowledge of a normal member of the public. They are allowed to testify in lawsuits in both state and federal court, usually in order to aid the finder of fact to decide how to rule on a case.

Usually, when people wonder, “What is an expert witness?” they think of a person who testifies at a trial to help one of the sides prove its case, but this is not always true. They do not have personal knowledge of the facts of the case; instead, they are used to provide opinions on and explain complicated issues that most people do not know about. Their main role inside the courtroom is to explain technical phrasing so that a juror would understand, so that the jurors can take the information that they understand and use it more efficiently so that they can better decide on a case.

Often, their role involves more than just testifying at a trial. They can also help the trial lawyers to understand certain facts of the case. Trial and litigation lawyers often do not have experience in any certain field when they get a case. Expert witnesses help them become familiar with what they need to know to help them best work the case. In short, it is not the expert witness’s only job to testify so that the jury may reach a verdict. They also help educate attorneys about the facts of a case.
Expert witnesses can also help to evaluate potential cases. Although there are many more potential roles of an expert witness in a trial, we hope that we have explained better what an expert witness definition is and what they do to help the justice system.

BKA’s Expert Witness Definition

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